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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Plane Crash

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Plane Crash

Thank goodness everyone is OKAY! This is absolutely terrifying. Dale Earnhardt Jr. along with his wife and child were involved in a plane crash yesterday 8/15/19 in Bristol, TN. The entire family along with the two pilots are all okay and were treated for minor injuries.   NEW: Video shows thick, black smoke rising from…MORE

Couple of 67 Years Matches Everyday

Talk about TRUE LOVE! This couple is attached at the hip. From singing to matching outfits EVERY day, they haven’t been apart since they started dating senior year of high school. Have you found your soulmate like this sweet couple? Couple matches outfits for 67 years — fox8news (@fox8news) August 13, 2019MORE

Lifetime Pasta Pass at Olive Garden

PASTA LOVERS REJOICE! The Pasta Pass goes on sale at Olive Garden TOMORROW, 8/15/19! If you’re one of those people who NEVER tires of delicious, cheesy pasta platters, you’ll want to fork out the money! All we can say is: TIME TO PACK ON THE POUNDS FOR WINTER!!! (Or the rest of your life if…MORE