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Jennifer Anniston “Breaks Instagram”

Jennifer Anniston “Breaks Instagram”

  Jennifer Anniston “Breaks Instagram” Jennifer Anniston made her very first Instagram account on Tuesday and the internet FREAKED OUT. She made her first post, a selfie with the cast of the hit TV series “Friends”. In just a little over 5 hours, Jennifer had over 1 million followers. The influx of followers caused technical…MORE

Little Girl Expresses What Adoption Did For Her

This sweet little girl tells her adoptive mom how she felt when she first met her and it has our hearts so full! This little girl recalls the moment her "heart fell in love" with her adoptive parents. ❤️ — People (@people) October 13, 2019MORE

10-Year-Old Pep Talk Goes Viral

If you need motivation, this 10 year old will get you PUMPED! 10 year old, Lane Bridges, has gone viral with the speech he gave to his pee-wee football team before their big game in Texas. Football coaches from around the U.S. will now be taking pointers from this little guy… Lane Bridges, 10, went…MORE

Kelsea Ballerini gift has us all in TEARS…

Kelsea Ballerini gift has us all in TEARS…

  Kelsea Ballerini gift has us all in TEARS…   Kelsea Ballerini brought this 9 year old boy and his mom to tears with the gift she sent in the mail. 9 year old Ayden Morgan is a HUGE Kelsea Ballerini fan and he has been learning to play her songs on the guitar. He…MORE

“Check Yes or No” Homecoming Proposal

This Texas high school student has gone viral for his ADORABLE Homecoming proposal… and it has our country music hearts full of JOY! The 17 year old sang George Strait’s “Check Yes or No” all while playing the guitar for his lady. He topped it off with a sign and boxes for her to check…MORE


Check on those you love not only today, Mental Health Awareness Day, but everyday. “1 in 5 adults experience mental illness annually” Today is all about bringing awareness to those who struggle with an illness that is not visible but not any less important than the illnesses we can see. In the U.S., about 1…MORE

Bob Kingsley Reveals Bladder Cancer Diagnosis

Bob Kingsley Reveals Bladder Cancer Diagnosis

Radio veteran Bob Kingsley reveals he has been diagnosed with bladder cancer and will temporarily step away from hosting Country Top 40. Bob Kingsley here. I have always prided myself in delivering the truth to you—my friends in the Country music industry, my fellow radio broadcasters, and all of the loyal listeners around the world—and today,…MORE

If you can’t find your motivation… this little boy has got you!

If you’re in the slumps today and need a little motivation… this 3 year old boy can help you out! About a year ago, the mother of this little boy started teaching him a pep talk to recite every morning. On his way to school the other day, he began to repeat it! Now he…MORE

Deer crashes through salon!

A security camera captured a deer busting through the glass window of a salon in Long Island, New York and the footage has now gone viral. Luckily, everyone is OKAY (including the deer). We only hope this salon’s insurance policy covers “deer breaking in”… First of all, we're glad everyone is OKAY including the deer…MORE

Teen turned away from Homecoming for outfit…

A 17-year-old was turned away from her senior homecoming dance because she did not “follow the dress code”. Darcy Krueger was unable to find a dress she liked so she settled for a jumpsuit. The school offered for her to go home and change but she was not interested. They did refund her money but…MORE