NASH Mornings Live with Jeff Reynolds

NASH Mornings Live with Jeff Reynolds
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Hi there! I’m a quirky and dry humored, sarcastic creature of comfort. I was born in New Castle, raised in Spiceland. NASH FM 102.5 was my first “big break” in the radio biz. I spent several years here before moving on to Terre Haute, Augusta, Georgia and back to Indiana. I loved the south, but life happens and I’m happy to be home. 
Hobbies: Music snob, podcast junkie, mean movie critic, disc golfer, football fan (Colts and Seminoles), obsessed with F1 racing, and definitely enjoy a cold one (or two).
Favorite food: I’m convinced I could eat Mexican food every single day.
Drink: I used to be a big-time craft beer snob, but my waistline started getting even more out of control. So, I’m a happy 96 calorie Miller Lite guy these days (just as long as they’re ice cold).
Pets: RIP to my dog, Carter and Stella the kitty. Cassie and I are down to just one chunky, goofy, orange tabby cat, Reggie (named after Reggie Wayne).
Thanks for listening!