Chris Young Is Not Going To Out Valentine His Dad

Chris Young Is Not Going To Out Valentine His Dad

Chris Young can sing a love song like nobody’s business.

So you’d think he’d have real game when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Well, while he does well, he doesn’t try to go over board yet because he knows that he’ll never beat his dad when it comes to Valentine’s Day moves.

Chris explains, “My favorite story about Valentine’s Day is everybody’s like, ‘So, what are you gonna do special?’ or, you know, kind of, ‘What do you have in your back pocket on Valentine’s Day?’ And I can never live up to my stepdad, because he asked my mom to marry him on Valentine’s Day, and then called us down from upstairs and asked me and my sister permission. So, pretty much anything I do, he made me look like a punk for the rest of my life (laughs) on Valentine’s Day.”

Dad for the win – good luck Chris!

Maybe one of his “Famous Friends” can help Chris Young come up with a great Valentine’s Day idea…until then, here’s his song with Kane Brown…feel free to sing this to your Valentine…they even give you words.

Photo Credit: Jeff Johnson LR


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