Clear the List

No teacher should ever have to buy school supplies out of their own pocket. That’s why we’ve joined forces with PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union to Clear the List! You can help out by donating items from a teachers’ Amazon shopping list or even buy the whole list for a classroom right here in NASH Country.

LOCAL teachers, go to Amazon and hover over Account & List at the top of the page. Select ‘Create a List’ from the drop-down menu. Click ‘Save’ and start adding items to your Wish List. Please make sure you associate a shipping address with your list. After you’ve created your Wish List, CLICK HERE to submit it.


Alexandria Elementary: Scott Martin’s 4th Grade

Alexandria Monroe Elementary: Gina Oldham’s K-6

Alexandria Monroe Elementary: Miranda Wagner’s 5th Grade

Allen Elementary: Hannah Fox’s K-4th Art

Anderson Preparatory Academy: Aimee Cook’s 6/7 ELA

Ark Daycare & Preschool Ministry: Mikayla Fisher’s Preschool


Baker Elementary: Amanda Barndollar’s 2nd Grade

Baker Elementary: Courtney Stephens’ 2nd Grade

Baker Elementary: Victoria Pegg’s Kindergarten

Blackford Jr Sr High: Elizabeth Holdcroft’s 7-9

Blackford Primary: Molly Ault’s Kindergarten

Blackford Primary: Vicky Mattucci’s 2nd Grade

Blue River Valley Elementary: Amy Allen’s Special Education

Blue River Valley Elementary: Hannah Burks 4th Grade

Blue River Valley Elementary: Jamie Jaggers’ Special Education

Blue River Valley: Sharon Stewart’s 6th Grade


Central Methodist Church: Whitlea Mason’s Preschool

Converse Elementary: Elizabeth Bollhoefer’s K-2

Converse Elementary: Emily Trout’s 2nd Grade

Converse Elementary: Jamie Hueston’s Kindergarten

Converse Elementary: Jami Maynus’ 1st Grade

Converse Elementary: Jamie Troyer’s 2nd Grade

Converse Elementary: Tammi Ashley’s 2nd Grade

Converse Elementary: Tiffany Lipetri’s Preschool

Converse Elementary: Whitney Shaffer’s 1st Grade

Cougar Cub Preschool Leah Springer

Cowan Elementary: Abby Davis’s K-6

Cowan Elementary: Heylee Looper’s 2nd Grade

Cowan JR/SR High: Erin Goney’s 9-12


D26 Career Center: Kirsten Inabnitt’s 11-12 Grade

Delaware Community School Corporation-Royerton Elementary: Leslie Orman’s 3rd Grade

Delta Middle: Sara Wilkinson’s 7th Grade


Eastbrook North Elementary: Gwyn Slater’s 1st Grade

Eastbrook North Elementary: Lindsay Crawford’s 5th Grade

Eastbrook North Elementary: Rachel Durbin’s Special Education

Eastbrook North Elementary: Sarah Beyer’s Kindergarten

Eastbrook North Elementary: Sarah Gressley’s 5th Grade

Eastbrook South Elementary: Gabriel Fowler’s Kindergarten

Eastern Hancock High: Sarah Dagley’s 9-12

East Jay Elementary: Abby Homan’s K-6th

East Jay Elementary: Jessica Kimmel’s 3rd – 6th

East Jay Elementary: Lexi Pease’s 3rd Grade

East Jay Elementary: Rebecca Rowles’ Kindergarten

East Washington Academy: Chynia Cain’s 5th Grade

East Washington Academy: Danielle Neal’s 3rd Grade

East Washington Academy: Miranda Shafer’s Intervention

Eastside Elementary: Kerrigan Isaacs’ 1st Grade

Eastview Elementary: Julie Myers’ 2nd Grade

Eden Elementary: Samantha Gable’s Kindergarten

Edgewood Intermediate: Gretchen Bless’ 4th Grade

Elwood Elementary: Chelsea Beatty’s Pre-K

Elwood Elementary: Natasha Smith’s 2nd Grade

Elwood Elementary: Susie Jones 2nd Grade

Elwood Elementary: Taylor Hobson’s 2nd Grade

Elwood High: Mindy Kelly’s 9th Grade

Erskine Elementary: Ashley Wright’s 1st Grade

Erskine Elementary: Maggie Huber’s 4th Grade

Erskine Elementary: Michelle Jackson’s 4th Grade


Fairview Elementary: Tonya Huffer’s 5th Grade

Family Christian Center: Kristen Jackson’s 2nd Grade

Frankton Elementary: Amanda Neff’s 3rd Grade

Frankton Elementary: Susan Clock’s 3rd Grade

Frankton Jr/Sr High: Grant Garber’s 7th & 8th


Gorsuch West Elementary: Samantha Brown’s 3rd Grade

Grassy Creek Elementary: Jennifer Harris’ Kindergarten

Grassy Creek: Katee Anderson’s K-4 ELL

Greenfield Intermediate: Alexa Mott’s 6th Grade

Greenfield Intermediate: Katie Creamer’s 5th Grade Math & Science

Greenville Primary: Laura Shafer’s Kindergarten

Grissom Elementary: Dawn Hoffman’s Special Education

Grissom Elementary: Natalie Gariety’s 2nd Grade

Grissom Elementary: Sonia Smith’s K-5


Hagerstown Elementary: Connor Allen’s 3rd Grade

Hagerstown Elementary: Dr. Jodi Young’s 4th Grade

Hagerstown Elementary: Heather Lugar’s 3rd Grade

Hagerstown Elementary: Paige Johnson’s Kindergarten

Hagerstown Elementary: Shaye Fisher’s 2nd Grade

Harris Elementary: Sara Hollars’ 2nd Grade

Heartland Christian: Jacquelyn Penticuff’s 4th & 5th Grade

Heritage Hall: Courtney Wallace’s 7th and 8th Math and History

Heritage Hall Christian: Naomi Wallace’s 7-12 Substitute, Office Assistant & Nurse

Highland Middle: Katelyn Lee’s 7th Grade

Holy Cross Lutheran: Samantha Hawkins’ Preschool


Jay County Jr. Sr. High: Carissa Allred’s 8th grade US History

Jay County Jr. Sr. High: Michelle Christensen’s 10-12


Knightstown Elementary: Jess Lykens’ Kindergarten

Knightstown Intermediate: Lisa Linch’s 4th Grade

Knightstown Intermediate: Lori Thomas’ 5th Grade

Knightstown Intermediate: Susan Waymire’s 7th and 8th Science


Lakeside Elementary: Emma Gilreath’s 1st Grade

Lantern Road Elementary: Kristin Head 1st Grade

Lapel High: Haley Helm’s 9-12 FACS

Lapel High: Kaitlyn Freeman’s 10th Grade

Lapel High: Sara Conner’s 12th- Government & 9/10th- Geography

Lapel Middle: Kandi Martin’s 6th & 8th Grade

Lynwood Elementary: Payton Livingston’s 5th and 6th Grade


Madison Grant Jr./Sr. High: Annika Reiskytl’s 7-12

Madison-Grant Jr/Sr High: Beverly Doughty’s 7th-10th Grade

Maple Ridge Elementary: Allison Turner’s 1st Grade

Maple Glen Elementary: Hannah Small’s Kindergarten

Mary E. Castle Early Learning Centers: Heather Lehan’s Kindergarten

Mary E. Castle Early Learning Centers: Shauna Roy’s Preschool

McCordsville Elementary: Emily Cronk’s 4th Grade

McCordsville Elementary: Grace Twyford’s 2nd Grade

McCulloch Junior High: Holly McGriff’s 7th Grade

Monroe Central Elementary: Adrienne Mahaffey’s Kindergarten

Monroe Central Elementary: Dayna Pugsley’s 1st Grade

Monroe Central Elementary: Mackenzi Braun’s Kindergarten

Monroe Central Jr-Sr High: Katrina Harris’ 8th Grade

Monroe Central Jr. Sr. High: Shawnna Meranda’s 7th ,8th, & 9th grade special education

Monroe Central The Cub Academy: Megan Gibson’s Preschool

Morristown Elementary: Harmony Vitz’s Preschool


New Castle High: Harlee Koch’s 9th Grade

New Castle High: Harley Walls’ 9-12

New Castle High: Lindsey Lowder’s 9-12

New Castle Middle: Kelsi Stotler’s 7th Grade Math

New Castle Middle: Kyleigh Compton’s Life skills 6-8

Noblesville East Middle: Angela Bostrom’s Special Education Grades 6th,7th &, 8th

North Side Elementary: Abigail Jutte’s 4th Grade

North Side Elementary: Savanah Woodward’s 2nd Grade

North View Elementary: Brittany Dozier’s 4th Grade

North View Elementary: Cindy Zirnheld’s 2nd Grade

North View Elementary: Devon Barbosa’s 3rd Grade

Northview Elementary: Heather Shauver’s 2nd/3rd grade special Education

Northview Elementary: McKenzi South’s 3rd Grade

North View Elementary: Sarah Ambler’s 5th Grade

Northview Elementary: Sarah Martin’s 5th Grade

North View Elementary: Sarah Stone’s 3rd Grade


Parker Elementary: Rachel Thornhill’s Kindergarten

Parker Elementary: Tina Hamby’s Special Education K-2

Parker Elementary: Tonia Haines’ Preschool

Park Place Children’s Center: Brittany Sheler’s Pre-K

Pendleton Elementary: Madalyn McGovern’s 3rd Grade

Pendleton Heights High: Kathryn Neely’s Essential Skills 9th, 10th, 11th & 12+

Pleasant View Elementary: Chelsie King’s 1st Grade

Pleasant View Elementary: Danni Collins’ Kindergarten

Pleasant View Elementary: Kristina Bost’s 1st Grade


Randolph Southern Elementary: Alyssa Toney’s Elementary Special Education

Randolph Southern Elementary: Sarah Hazelbaker’s PK-2 Special Education/Dyslexia

R.J. Baskett: Samantha Mason’s 7th Grade Science

Redkey Elementary: Melissa Stotler’s 1st Grade

Redkey Elementary: Stacy Campbell’s Kindergarten

Riley Elementary: Valerie Pate’s K-5 Special Education

Riverview Elementary: Hannah Fox’s K-4th Art

Rose Hamilton Elementary: Taylor Aughe’s Kindergarten


Saint Mary’s: Shania Rodriguez 7-8 Grade

Saint Michael Catholic: Jennifer Jessie’s 2nd Grade

Saint Michael Catholic: Leslie Grabhorn’s K-8

Saint Michael Catholic: Wednesday Cunnington’s Preschool

Selma Elementary: Alison Case’s 5th Grade

Selma Elementary: Erin Wilson’s Kindergarten

Selma Elementary: Kristy Taylor’s Elementary Nurse

Selma Elementary: Meg Bundy’s 5th Grade

Selma Elementary: Sam King’s 2nd Grade

Selma Middle: Barb Miller 6th Grade

Selma Middle: Debby Pittenger’s 6, 7, & 8

Shenandoah Elementary: Amy Moore’s Kindergarten

Shenandoah Elementary: Brittnee Holloway’s 1st Grade

Shenandoah Elementary: Kaylee Fisher’s 1st Grade

Shenandoah Elementary School: Paige Stayton’s Resource K-2

Sheridan Elementary: Kaytlynn Wilder’s Kindergarten

Southeast Elementary: Victoria Maas’ 4th Grade

Southport Elementary: Samantha Litchfield’s 1st Grade

Southside Middle: Kinley Williams 6th-8th Science Department

South View Elementary: Anastacia Harrold’s Behavior Skills (Grades PK-5)

South View Elementary: Courtney Dragoo’s 3rd Grade

South View Elementary: Dailynn Shelton’s K-5

South View Elementary: Elizabeth Sechrest’s 3rd Grade

South View Elementary: Rachel Brophy’s 2nd Grade

South View Elementary: Rebecca Orr’s K-5

Stonegate Elementary: Anne Barth’s 1st Grade

Summitville Elementary: Jackie Huff’s Kindergarten

Summitville Elementary: Jaime Caudell’s Pre-K

Sunny Heights Elementary: LeeAnn Reid’s 2nd Grade

Sweetser Elementary: Courtney McClure’s 3rd Grade

Sweetser Elementary: Morgan Cox’s 3rd Grade

Sweester Elementary: Patricia (Patti) Lehman’s 3rd Grade


TBD (student teacher) Megan Stevenson’s K-6

Tri Elementary: Adrienne Thrasher’s Kindergarten

Tri Elementary: Breanna Bertrand’s Kindergarten

Tri Elementary: Cara Litten’s 2nd Grade

Tri Elementary: Larissa Mattix’s 1st Grade

Tri Elementary: Rachel Heindl’s 3rd Grade

Tri Junior-Senior High: Stacia Guarisco’s 7th grade and Seniors


Union Elementary: Dorothy Huddleston’s Kindergarten

Union Elementary: Heather Eblen’s Resource Pre K-6th

Union Elementary: Karina Jara’s 3rd Grade

Union School Corporation: Shalbey Workman’s K-12 Art


Valley Grove Elementary: Danielle McGrew’s Kindergarten

Valley Grove Elementary: Jodi Thompson’s 2nd Grade

Victory College Prep: Courtlinn Boggs’ Kindergarten


Wapahani: Julie Nelson’s Sp. Ed. 6-12

Warner Elementary: Lisa Peters’ Kindergarten

Wes-Del Early Learning Academy: Alicia Hanson’s Preschool

Wes-Del Elementary: Laura Daugherty’s 4th Grade

Wes-Del Elementary: Samantha Wellman’s Kindergarten

West Jay Elementary: Holly Farr’s 4th Grade

Western Intermediate: Madyson Dedman’s 4th Grade

Westlake Elementary: Westlake Elementary’s 5th Grade

Wilbur Wright Elementary: Clara Green’s 2nd Grade

Willard Elementary: Darby Osgood’s 4th Grade

Willard Elementary: Katelyn Johns’ 5th Grade

William F. Loper Elementary: Shannon Bishop’s Special Education


Yorktown Elementary: Jen Crouch’s 3rd Grade