Clear the List

No teacher should ever have to buy school supplies out of their own pocket. You can help out by donating items from a teachers’ Amazon shopping list or even buy the whole list for a classroom right here in NASH Country.

LOCAL teachers, go to Amazon and hover over Account & List at the top of the page. Select ‘Create a List’ from the drop-down menu. Click ‘Save’ and start adding items to your Wish List. Please make sure you associate a shipping address with your list. After you’ve created your Wish List, CLICK HERE to submit it.


Alexandria Elementary: Scott Martin’s 4th Grade

Alexandria Monroe Elementary: Gina Oldham’s K-6

Alexandria Monroe Elementary: Miranda Wagner’s 5th Grade

Allen Elementary: Hannah Fox’s K-4th Art

Anderson Intermediate: Britney Sue’s 6th Grade Spec Ed

Anderson Preparatory Academy: Aimee Cook’s 6/7 ELA

Ark Daycare & Preschool Ministry: Mikayla Fisher’s Preschool


Baker Elementary: Amanda Barndollar’s 2nd Grade

Baker Elementary: Courtney Stephens’ 2nd Grade

Baker Elementary: Victoria Pegg’s Kindergarten

Blackford Jr Sr High: Elizabeth Holdcroft’s 7-9

Blackford Jr.-Sr. High: Shelby Newlin’s 9-12 Wish List

Blackford Primary: Molly Ault’s Kindergarten

Blackford Primary: Vicky Mattucci’s 2nd Grade

Blue River Valley Elementary: Amy Allen’s Special Education

Blue River Valley Elementary: Hannah Burks 4th Grade

Blue River Valley Elementary: Jamie Jaggers’ Special Education

Blue River Valley: Sharon Stewart’s 6th Grade


Central Methodist Church: Whitlea Mason’s Preschool

Converse Elementary: Elizabeth Bollhoefer’s K-2

Converse Elementary: Emily Trout’s 2nd Grade

Converse Elementary: Jamie Hueston’s Kindergarten

Converse Elementary: Jami Maynus’ 1st Grade

Converse Elementary: Jamie Troyer’s 2nd Grade

Converse Elementary: Tammi Ashley’s 2nd Grade

Converse Elementary: Tiffany Lipetri’s Preschool

Converse Elementary: Whitney Shaffer’s 1st Grade

Cougar Cub Preschool Leah Springer

Cowan Elementary: Abby Davis’s K-6

Cowan Elementary: Heylee Looper’s 2nd Grade

Cowan JR/SR High: Erin Goney’s 9-12


D26 Career Center: Kirsten Inabnitt’s 11-12 Grade

Delaware Community School Corporation-Royerton Elementary: Leslie Orman’s 3rd Grade

Delta Middle: Sara Wilkinson’s 7th Grade


Eastbrook North Elementary: Gwyn Slater’s 1st Grade

Eastbrook North Elementary: Lindsay Crawford’s 5th Grade

Eastbrook North Elementary: Rachel Durbin’s Special Education

Eastbrook North Elementary: Sarah Beyer’s Kindergarten

Eastbrook North Elementary: Sarah Gressley’s 5th Grade

Eastbrook South Elementary: Gabriel Fowler’s Kindergarten

Eastern Hancock Elementary: Julie Dickmander’s 5th Grade

Eastern Hancock High: Sarah Dagley’s 9-12

East Jay Elementary: Abby Homan’s K-6th

East Jay Elementary: Jessica Kimmel’s 3rd – 6th

East Jay Elementary: Lexi Pease’s 3rd Grade

East Jay Elementary: Rebecca Rowles’ Kindergarten

East Washington Academy: Chynia Cain’s 5th Grade

East Washington Academy: Danielle Neal’s 3rd Grade

East Washington Academy: Miranda Shafer’s Intervention

Eastside Elementary. Anderson: Annette Downing’s 3rd Grade

Eastside Elementary: Kerrigan Isaacs’ 1st Grade

Eastview Elementary: Julie Myers’ 2nd Grade

Eden Elementary: Samantha Gable’s Kindergarten

Edgewood Elementary: Ryan Davis’ 5th Grade

Edgewood Intermediate: Gretchen Bless’ 4th Grade

Elwood Elementary: Chelsea Beatty’s Pre-K

Elwood Elementary: Natasha Smith’s 2nd Grade

Elwood Elementary: Susie Jones 2nd Grade

Elwood Elementary: Taylor Hobson’s 2nd Grade

Elwood High: Mindy Kelly’s 9th Grade

Erskine Elementary: Ashley Wright’s 1st Grade

Erskine Elementary: Maggie Huber’s 4th Grade

Erskine Elementary: Michelle Jackson’s 4th Grade


Fairview Elementary: Courtney Washington’s 3rd Grade

Fairview Elementary: Jim Jeffries’ 4th Grade

Fairview Elementary: Tonya Huffer’s 5th Grade

Family Christian Center: Kristen Jackson’s 2nd Grade

Frankton Elementary: Amanda Neff’s 3rd Grade

Frankton Elementary: Susan Clock’s 3rd Grade

Frankton Jr/Sr High: Grant Garber’s 7th & 8th

Frankton Jr/Sr High: Mandy Fuller


Gorsuch West Elementary: Samantha Brown’s 3rd Grade

Grassy Creek Elementary: Jennifer Harris’ Kindergarten

Grassy Creek: Katee Anderson’s K-4 ELL

Greenfield Intermediate: Alexa Mott’s 6th Grade

Greenfield Intermediate: Katie Creamer’s 5th Grade Math & Science

Greenville Primary: Laura Shafer’s Kindergarten

Grissom Elementary: Dawn Hoffman’s Special Education

Grissom Elementary: Natalie Gariety’s 2nd Grade

Grissom Elementary: Sonia Smith’s K-5


Hagerstown Elementary: Connor Allen’s 3rd Grade

Hagerstown Elementary: Dr. Jodi Young’s 4th Grade

Hagerstown Elementary: Heather Lugar’s 3rd Grade

Hagerstown Elementary: Paige Johnson’s Kindergarten

Hagerstown Elementary: Shaye Fisher’s 2nd Grade

Harris Elementary: Sara Hollars’ 2nd Grade

Harrison Parkway Elementary: Jen Rodgers’ 1st Grade

Heartland Christian: Jacquelyn Penticuff’s 4th & 5th Grade

Heritage Hall: Courtney Wallace’s 7th and 8th Math and History

Heritage Hall Christian: Naomi Wallace’s 7-12 Substitute, Office Assistant & Nurse

Highland Middle: Katelyn Lee’s 7th Grade

Holy Cross Lutheran: Samantha Hawkins’ Preschool


Jay County Jr. Sr. High: Carissa Allred’s 8th grade US History

Jay County Jr. Sr. High: Michelle Christensen’s 10-12


Knightstown Elementary: Jess Lykens’ Kindergarten

Knightstown Intermediate: Kiley Reynolds’ 7th Grade Math

Knightstown Intermediate: Lisa Linch’s 4th Grade

Knightstown Intermediate: Lori Thomas’ 5th Grade

Knightstown Intermediate: Susan Waymire’s 7th and 8th Science


Lakeside Elementary: Emma Gilreath’s 1st Grade

Lantern Road Elementary: Kristin Head 1st Grade

Lapel High: Haley Helm’s 9-12 FACS

Lapel High: Kaitlyn Freeman’s 10th Grade

Lapel High: Sara Conner’s 12th- Government & 9/10th- Geography

Lapel Middle: Kandi Martin’s 6th & 8th Grade

Longfellow Elementary: Jesseka Cummings’ Kindergarten

Lynwood Elementary: Payton Livingston’s 5th and 6th Grade


Madison Grant Jr./Sr. High: Annika Reiskytl’s 7-12

Madison-Grant Jr/Sr High: Beverly Doughty’s 7th-10th Grade

Maple Ridge Elementary: Allison Turner’s 1st Grade

Maple Glen Elementary: Hannah Small’s Kindergarten

Maple Ridge Elementary: Bridgette Larson’s 5th Grade

Mary E. Castle Early Learning Centers: Heather Lehan’s Kindergarten

Mary E. Castle Early Learning Centers: Shauna Roy’s Preschool

McCordsville Elementary: Emily Cronk’s 4th Grade

McCordsville Elementary: Grace Twyford’s 2nd Grade

McCulloch Junior High: Holly McGriff’s 7th Grade

Monroe Central Elementary: Adrienne Mahaffey’s Kindergarten

Monroe Central Elementary: Dayna Pugsley’s 1st Grade

Monroe Central Elementary: Mackenzi Braun’s Kindergarten

Monroe Central Jr-Sr High: Katrina Harris’ 8th Grade

Monroe Central Jr. Sr. High: Shawnna Meranda’s 7th ,8th, & 9th grade special education

Monroe Central The Cub Academy: Megan Gibson’s Preschool

Morristown Elementary: Harmony Vitz’s Preschool


New Castle High: Harlee Koch’s 9th Grade

New Castle High: Harley Walls’ 9-12

New Castle High: Lindsey Lowder’s 9-12

New Castle Middle: Kelsi Stotler’s 7th Grade Math

New Castle Middle: Kyleigh Compton’s Life skills 6-8

Noblesville East Middle: Angela Bostrom’s Special Education Grades 6th,7th &, 8th

North Side Elementary: Abigail Jutte’s 4th Grade

North Side Elementary: Savanah Woodward’s 2nd Grade

North View Elementary: Brittany Dozier’s 4th Grade

North View Elementary: Cindy Zirnheld’s 2nd Grade

North View Elementary: Devon Barbosa’s 3rd Grade

Northview Elementary: Heather Shauver’s 2nd/3rd grade special Education

Northview Elementary: McKenzi South’s 3rd Grade

North View Elementary: Sarah Ambler’s 5th Grade

Northview Elementary: Sarah Martin’s 5th Grade

North View Elementary: Sarah Stone’s 3rd Grade


Parker Elementary: Rachel Thornhill’s Kindergarten

Parker Elementary: Tina Hamby’s Special Education K-2

Parker Elementary: Tonia Haines’ Preschool

Park Place Children’s Center: Brittany Sheler’s Pre-K

Pendleton Elementary: Madalyn McGovern’s 3rd Grade

Pendleton Heights High: Kathryn Neely’s Essential Skills 9th, 10th, 11th & 12+

Pleasant View Elementary: Chelsie King’s 1st Grade

Pleasant View Elementary: Danni Collins’ Kindergarten

Pleasant View Elementary: Kristina Bost’s 1st Grade


Randolph Southern Elementary: Alyssa Toney’s Elementary Special Education

Randolph Southern Elementary: Sarah Hazelbaker’s PK-2 Special Education/Dyslexia

R.J. Baskett: Samantha Mason’s 7th Grade Science

Redkey Elementary: Melissa Stotler’s 1st Grade

Redkey Elementary: Stacy Campbell’s Kindergarten

Riley Elementary: Valerie Pate’s K-5 Special Education

Riverview Elementary: Hannah Fox’s K-4th Art

Rose Hamilton Elementary: Taylor Aughe’s Kindergarten


Saint Mary’s: Shania Rodriguez 7-8 Grade

Saint Michael Catholic: Jennifer Jessie’s 2nd Grade

Saint Michael Catholic: Leslie Grabhorn’s K-8

Saint Michael Catholic: Wednesday Cunnington’s Preschool

Selma Elementary: Alison Case’s 5th Grade

Selma Elementary: Erin Wilson’s Kindergarten

Selma Elementary: Kristy Taylor’s Elementary Nurse

Selma Elementary: Meg Bundy’s 5th Grade

Selma Elementary: Sam King’s 2nd Grade

Selma Middle: Barb Miller 6th Grade

Selma Middle: Debby Pittenger’s 6, 7, & 8

Shenandoah Elementary: Amy Moore’s Kindergarten

Shenandoah Elementary: Brittnee Holloway’s 1st Grade

Shenandoah Elementary: Kaylee Fisher’s 1st Grade

Shenandoah Elementary: Paige Stayton’s Resource K-2

Shenandoah Elementary: Thomas Zimmer’s 5th Grade

Sheridan Elementary: Kaytlynn Wilder’s Kindergarten

Southeast Elementary: Victoria Maas’ 4th Grade

Southport Elementary: Samantha Litchfield’s 1st Grade

Southside Middle: Kinley Williams 6th-8th Science Department

South View Elementary: Anastacia Harrold’s Behavior Skills (Grades PK-5)

South View Elementary: Courtney Dragoo’s 3rd Grade

South View Elementary: Dailynn Shelton’s K-5

South View Elementary: Elizabeth Sechrest’s 3rd Grade

South View Elementary: Rachel Brophy’s 2nd Grade

South View Elementary: Rebecca Orr’s K-5

Stonegate Elementary: Anne Barth’s 1st Grade

Summitville Elementary: Jackie Huff’s Kindergarten

Summitville Elementary: Jaime Caudell’s Pre-K

Sunny Heights Elementary: LeeAnn Reid’s 2nd Grade

Sweetser Elementary: Courtney McClure’s 3rd Grade

Sweetser Elementary: Morgan Cox’s 3rd Grade

Sweester Elementary: Patricia (Patti) Lehman’s 3rd Grade


TBD (student teacher) Megan Stevenson’s K-6

Tri Elementary: Adrienne Thrasher’s Kindergarten

Tri Elementary: Breanna Bertrand’s Kindergarten

Tri Elementary: Cara Litten’s 2nd Grade

Tri Elementary: Larissa Mattix’s 1st Grade

Tri Elementary: Rachel Heindl’s 3rd Grade

Tri Junior-Senior High: Stacia Guarisco’s 7th grade and Seniors


Union Elementary: Dorothy Huddleston’s Kindergarten

Union Elementary: Heather Eblen’s Resource Pre K-6th

Union Elementary: Karina Jara’s 3rd Grade

Union School Corporation: Shalbey Workman’s K-12 Art


Valley Grove Elementary: Danielle McGrew’s Kindergarten

Valley Grove Elementary: Jodi Thompson’s 2nd Grade

Victory College Prep: Courtlinn Boggs’ Kindergarten


Wapahani: Julie Nelson’s Sp. Ed. 6-12

Warner Elementary: Lisa Peters’ Kindergarten

Wes-Del Early Learning Academy: Alicia Hanson’s Preschool

Wes-Del Elementary: Laura Daugherty’s 4th Grade

Wes-Del Elementary: Samantha Wellman’s Kindergarten

West Jay Elementary: Holly Farr’s 4th Grade

Western Intermediate: Madyson Dedman’s 4th Grade

Western Wayne Elementary: Kailey Kuhn’s Daycare

Wilbur Wright Elementary: Clara Green’s 2nd Grade

Willard Elementary: Darby Osgood’s 4th Grade

Willard Elementary: Katelyn Johns’ 5th Grade

William F. Loper Elementary: Shannon Bishop’s Special Education


Yorktown Elementary: Jen Crouch’s 3rd Grade