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Ring In 2020 At Times Square… Sort Of

Is it your DREAM to make it to New York City and make a wish just as the ball drops at midnight to ring in the New Year? Ours too… Now you have the chance to make that happen! Sort of… It’s the Wishing Wall! People from all over the world can have their wish…More

Work Out Commercial Faces Backlash

By now, we’ve all heard of the Peloton Bike. Recently it’s making headlines for the backlash it’s receiving after releasing it’s holiday commercial. A woman is gifted a Peloton for Christmas by her husband. She then blogs her journey over the course of a year using the exercise bike. At the end of the commercial…More

Whoever Said Age Defines Strength Never Met This 82-Year-Old Woman

An intruder didn’t think he would have any problems stealing from this 82 year old woman… He had it all WRONG. Little did he know, she is an award-winning bodybuilder and she took him DOWN! Luckily she was able to keep him on the ground until police could arrive to make the arrest. An 82-year-old…More

UNO Is Too Political?

All this time of playing UNO and none of us had a clue it was POLITICAL? This Thanksgiving, UNO has released Nonpartisan UNO… the card game we love, replacing the blue and red cards with orange and purple. The stack of cards will also include a “veto” card in which you can use if any…More

Facebook Scam Is Back And Targeting The Ladies

LADIES BEWARE this holiday season… The Secret Sister Facebook SCAM is back! For the past few years, ladies have posted on Facebook about the Secret Sister Gift Exchange. If you buy a $10 gift, you will receive up to 36 gifts in return. The BBB is warning us once again that this is a PYRAMID…More

Nash Country Daily

Luke Combs Drops New 3-Song EP, “The Writer’s Cut,” on Apple Music

Luke Combs Drops New 3-Song EP, “The Writer’s Cut,” on Apple Music

Following the November release of his No. 1 album, What You See Is What You Get, Luke Combs has dropped a new three-song EP, Luke Combs: The Writer’s Cut, via Apple Music. The three-song set features Luke and his songwriter companions, Drew Parker and Ray Fulcher, teaming up with producer Chip Matthews to revamp two…More